Showbox for PC, Laptop | Windows 8.1, 7 & MAC – Free Download

Everyday new things are invented to make our life much easier than it is. One such application that not only makes our life easier but makes us lazier (in a good way) is ShowBox. ShowBox has literally every show and movie you would want. You name it and ShowBox has got it! From the latest Game of Thrones episode to the very first F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode back in 1994, you’ll find it all in this amazing app! Now just like many other apps ShowBox can be run on any device, be it your laptop, phone, tablet, PC, and so on! So forget going online every time and typing the show name into Google and waiting for the specific episode to load for several minutes. ShowBox takes watching shows and movies to a whole new level!

Showbox For PC – Features

  • You can watch as old or as new a movie/show as you like. It’s all in there!
  • It works on all platforms be it iOS, Android or Mac.
  • A certain show or movie can now be seen offline, on the go!
  • For people with busy schedules who cannot keep aside specific time to watch their favourite shows, they can now view them while travelling!
  • The instructions given in ShowBox are very easy and convenient to follow. Basically it is user friendly!
  • ShowBox app gives you free vouchers that can be used to save your money!
  • On the ShowBox app you can also earn points which can later be redeemed to get gifts!
  • Shows from multiple languages, multiple regions, from all over the world are present in this app for freely viewing!
  • All the shows and movies are of HD quality.
  • Size of ShowBox app is minimum so you don’t have to uninstall any other apps or delete anything to make space for this app.
  • There are no login IDs or passwords required because ShowBox doesn’t ask you to login or sign up at all.
  • You can list out your favourite shows and movies or the ones you are planning to watch. These lists will help you keep your shows more organized.
  • There are four different categories under which you can make these lists.
  • There’s a sort button available that helps you to sort out your shows and movies according to your watching needs.
  • You can not only stream shows and movies on ShowBox, you can even download them for future use and viewing.
  • You can share your favourites with your friends and family too.
  • The picture resolution can be selected according to what is most compatible with the device.
  • ShowBox file is just 2.2 mb so it doesn’t cause any trouble on Macs as well.
  • You can select your favourite preferred player to watch the shows and movies on.
  • You get daily updates about the shows and movies on the latest update portal so you wont miss out on the newest episodes of your favourite shows.

If you didn’t want to know before now you will definitely want to know how to download ShowBox. Most people prefer to view shows and movies on their PCs since they have a bigger screen.  Hence, here’s how to download ShowBox on your PC!

  • The basic step to downloading any app onto your PC is to have an emulator in your PC. If you already have one you can skip this step. If you do not then BlueStacks app player software is one of the best emulators in the market. It allows you to install and use multiple Android applications at the same time on your computer or laptop.It is recommended by expert Android app developers as well as review critics! If you get graphic card error while installing above included BlueStacks click on Download And Install BlueStacks Without Errors to make relief from troubles. Download BlueStacks from the link below-
  • Begin the installation process for BlueStacks after the file has been downloaded, similar to other softwares.
  • Next, download the apk file for ShowBox from the website-
  • Open this downloaded apk file with the BlueStacks app player emulator.
  • Install ShowBox with the help of the emulator.
  • Voila! Now you can watch your favourite movies and shows anytime and anywhere!
  • In case BlueStacks fails to work download the emulator Andy the Android from the link below-

Sometimes after an update ShowBox might just stop working suddenly. But there’s an easy solution to this, just download an older version of ShowBox. For this you must remove the existing app completely and only then download an older version of ShowBox. However, don’t forget to turn off the updates for ShowBox this time! There’s not much difference between the two versions so it wont affect what shows and movies are available or the quality of viewing them!

Literally everybody nowadays has at least one technologically advanced device that they are addicted to. Be it your cell phone, PC, Mac, laptop etc. Not everyone favours waiting for their favourite TV shows and movies to come on TV and then watching them with constantly annoying ad breaks in between. For TV show and movie junkies like those ShowBox is the perfect app! Not only can it be run on ANY device and ANY platform (Android, iOS, etc.) but it also gets updated with the newest shows, movies and episodes instantaneously. They are as easy to watch as easily they are available. And this is perfect even for adults because ShowBox not only has new viewing material it also has the old shows and movies, and in good quality! This is why ShowBox is so popular because it appeals to a larger demographic. You can now watch your favourite shows and movies anytime and anywhere with the ShowBox feature that allows you to take stuff offline! Entertainment has never been more easily available, widely accessible and that too for free! So go on and get glued to your devices, ShowBox is here to your rescue!

Showbox for iPad, iPhone Download – Install Show Box App Free!

Showbox for iPad: We all want some entertainment at some particular point of time. Getting entertainment makes us happy which keeps us going on with our life. So entertainment is just as important as all the other things in our life.

You can entertain yourself by watching movies and your favorite shows on your television. Watching your favorite movies and TV show is amazing and you get a lot of entertainment from it. But television will not always show you your favorite movies and TV shows.

You end up going to theatre to watch movies. But what if you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your smartphones. That would be amazing right? You don’t even have to watch television anymore or spend money to watch movies at theatre.

Showbox for iPad, iPhone – Free Download

Today I will talk about an app which will give you a whole new experience of entertainment. This app has gain a lot of popularity. The name of the app is showbox.

When you are out and have nothing to do you can just pick up your smartphone and use showbox to get some entertainment. Watch anything as per your convenience. This app is very handy for entertainment seeker like us.

Now I will tell you about showbox and its important features. Also I will tell you how you can install Showbox on your iOS device.

Showbox for iPad Download

Showbox is a new and Fresh entry into the App market for watching Movies and Shows. Showbox is an Online Streaming Movies and Videos platform for iOS. It is one of the Best Entertaining App for you. The user of showbox App also regarded this app is one of the best online Movies watching experience app as it can plays Movies in HD for Free.

Yes, this App is absolutely free. You don’t have to spend money to get this app. Other Apps like Amazon movies and Netflix are also good for Watching And streaming Movies but you have to pay for extra subscription .

This App also has a Feature of Downloading Movies and Videos on your Smartphones. So you can always have your favorite stuffs on the Go.

Showbox will provide you with different varieties of movies to be watched. The app offers some official list of items you would want to watch and also which are highly rated. In that option, you can start finding the movies that you want or you can use search engine which is in the application. Not only you can watch your favorite movies but also you can stream any TV Shows in the app which makes showbox even better.

Once you installed showbox you don’t have to Go to theatre anymore to watch movies. It will save your time as well as Money. So showbox app is also very Convinient. You can watch your missed TV series, any episodes that you forgot to watch at anyplace at anytime.

You can Download from very Wide variety of media Contents from English to Hindi and some other languages also. Showbox has a feature of downloading mp3 audio also. Download your stuff without using any Torrent cuz Showboz is there for you.

This Free Android application is one of the most Popular app to get entertained,  Watch movies and listening music within your Smartphones. While The Android user and Show Box user says as deal app to watch movies and TV Shows on android gadget, showbox app has got all awesomeness inside it.

Features of Showbox

  1. Stream and Watch unlimited Movies and TV shows on your smartphone.
  2. Different categories of Movies available like Comedy, action, drama and horror etc.
  3. You can also download movies to watch it when you are offline.
  4. Great user experience of app.
  5. Movies and TV shows are available at High quality.
  6. Showbox is absolutely free of cost.

Now let’s guide you through the steps to download and install Showbox for iOS.

Follow the Steps to Download Showbox on Your iPhone/iPad Devices.

  1. Go to The iOS App Store
  2. Search for showbox in the Search Bar and press Enter.
  3. Look for the showbox App from the many Apps listed below.
  4. Go to the showbox App and Click on Download.
  5. After Downloading, you will see showbox on the Menu.
  6. Now you can open showbox which is now available on your iOS Device.
  7. Sign in to your email id or you can also verify through your Mobile number.

Showboxis not only available in iOS App Store, it is also available on some app downloading websites where you can download Cinemabox.ipa file.

Showbox works without any jailbreak device.

{Showbox works on all version of iOS}

Steps to Download Showbox without Jailbreak.

  1. First you need to sign out from iTunes & App store. You can Go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID and then Sign Out.
  2. Download showbox.ipa file from any ios app website.
  3. Install Showbox app on your ios device.
  4. Open the App
  5. Select can “cancel” when it will ask to sign in.
  6. Sign in to your iTunes Account again.

Note: You can log out and sign bavk into your account in iTunes and App store so that showbox will work properly. If Showbox is not working properly make sure you have Installed the latest version of the App.

Top 5 Showbox Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Show Box for Android

Showbox Alternatives: As all of us have come across this app in our life especially android users, this is basically a movie streaming application which also provide us TV Serials and cartoons with HD quality. Who doesn’t want to stream and download all of their favorite movies to have a collection of them to show off in front of our friends for absolutely free, yes, you heard it right for free. You can have thousands of movie collection for free. But not all of us have same taste, which is absolutely amazing for me could not be anything to you. So different people like different things or maybe just for experiencing every app people like to download very other app and use it. Also, lately there have been a lot of issues with this app and it is also removed from Google Play Store, so it has lost its stardom and hence people are looking for its alternatives which works just like it and have all the features which it has. So in this article I’ll tell you about 5 such applications which provide you all of your favorite movies.

Top 5 Showbox Alternatives for Android

Showbox Alternatives


This is one of the best alternative to ShowBox as it is a movie and video streaming application which is completely free with no extra hidden charges. This application has gained popularity in a very short period of time which is quiet amazing. You can stream nay movie or TV series or cartoons of your choice. You don’t have to pay for any of it. Also, you can stream the videos in HD quality which adds on to the account of its popularity.

Download CinemaBox App For Android, Cinema Box Apk Download

You can even download all of your favourite movies and TV shows and cartoons for free over your internet data and also these movies, you can download it in HD quality. You can download the movies in any language you prefer from English to Hindi. Also, this app comes with a MP3 audio feature in which you can download audio of best quality for free of any video. You may be surprised to know but this application has a separate section for kids in which only things allowed for kinds are present. On the homepage of this application you will find a list of trending and highly rated movies and popular TV series. You can download movie in any revolution you want from high to low. Also this application has a separate search engine from where you can search for all of your favourite movies, TV Series and cartoons. Also, you can download subtitles for any movie or video in any language you prefer. Well, this app is basically an android application which is not available in android as well as in iOS but to have this app you can download the apk file version of it.

2. PlayBox HD

This is also a very good substitute for ShowBox which is quite similar to CinemaBox. You can stream all of your favourite movies and videos and cartoons of various genre such as comedy, suspense, romantic, action, thriller, horror, Sci-Fi, fantasy etc. You can even watch all of the movies and TV series offline by downloading them on your very own device. All of the movies, TV series, cartoons are available in HD quality and also you can download the movies in HD quality too and not just this you can download movies in various resolutions ranging from high 1080p and 720p to very low resolutions. Also, you can download movies in various languages and also in various languages’ subtitles. The best thing about this application is that not only the movies are in HD quality but all of the TV Series and cartoons are also in HD quality.


It has a very impressive and a very simple user interface which further accounts for its popularity among the young generation. All the movies of this application is categorised into various genre because of which it will be easier to find a movie of your choice. Also, it provides us with lots of information regarding the releasing date of new movies in advance. You can search for movies separately through search engine. Sadly, this isn’t available in both android and iOS platforms but you can still download it by downloading its apk file version.

3. Mobdro

This is a app solely made for entertainment purpose which focuses more on videos of any kind such as documentaries, tutorials, music videos etc. also, you can find thousands of movies here which you can stream for free. As well as it searches the web continuously for better results. The premium version of it which costs you some money allows you an ad free application.

Image Border Editor:

Also, you can download the movies and watch it offline in premium version. The premium version also comes with the features such as Chrome Casting which will allow you to enjoy all of your favourite movies and TV series and cartoons for extremely free.

4. MovieBox

This is one of the best substitute for ShowBox as for iPad and iPhones it is equivalent to MovieBox. It has very unique features such as you can search a movie by its releasing year. You can also make a list of unwatched and watched videos so that you will get the ideas of how many and which movies you have watched.


You can aslo get all the details of upcoming videos and also get all the critiques on the movies. It can play movies in English, French, Turkish and German. Also, the description of all the movies are also provided.

5. Crackle

This application is giving a tough competition to its contemporary applications. Also, this application is available in Google Play store which further tells the reason of its so much popularity. You can stream all of you favorite movies, TV series and videos for free in HD quality, also you can download all the movie for free on your device in HD quality.


The best thing about this application is that it supports Chrome Casting which let you have experience of all your movies on bigger screens. Also, it has a very impressive and very simple user interface.

Showbox Apk 4.81 Download for Android Device – Latest Version!

Showbox Apk: Now a days, boredom has become very common problem for the people. After a day full of tension and work normally people gets exhausted. They feel like doing nothing and want to lie down on bed, they don’t want to go anywhere because all they want is some rest along with a sort of entertainment. And when it comes to entertainment what else can entertain you more than movies and TV shows. They are the best way of amusement as they are so rich in drama, comedy, and horror that they lift your world to another universe full of excitement, thrills and adventures.

But after an exhausting day by the action of work and tension, who wants to stand in the queue outside the box office to buy tickets for the movie, nobody I guess, at least not me..!

Showbox Apk Download for Android:


Well, if you are lazy enough as me, then guys you will be glad to know that you don’t need to visit any cinema hall in search of entertainment. Entertainment itself now has come to your doorstep, you just need to pick up your smartphones and laptops and you will be enjoying the facilities provided by the technology.

Yes! This is true that you can now stream movies, videos, TV shows online all it requires is an access to internet and any platform in which it can work, like androids, ios, laptops, tablets, personal computers etc. there are various apps that allows you to stream movies and videos online like moviebox, movietube, you tube, crackle, and many others. But today, in this article I’m going to brief you about a very popular and amazing app whose features can make you astonished. So here we go…

Showbox apk:



As you can see there are a number of apps in the market, but this application is above all. It has a very great user interface which indeed has made a lot of fans of this application. It is a video and movie streaming app which also let you download movies in any resolution of your choice which best movie or video quality. The best thing is that it is free with no hidden charges unlike its other contemporary applications in the market.

How to download showbox apk for android


Well, in this tutorial I’m going to tell you how to download the apk file of this app as it is not available in the Google store. It supports all the devices which means you can now stream movies from any source. So, let’s have a look on these steps and this process is for android users only:

  • The first and the foremost step of downloading is to pick up your phone and open any trusted web browser like google chrome and then enter showbox app download over there.
  • You will find many answers of your search, nut you have to choose most appropriate one and the one which you find legal.
  • Google will redirect you to the site from where you can download the apk file of this showbox app. Now click on “download”.
  • Now, wait for this app to download, once it will get completely downloaded into your device or SD card then click on it.
  • If you have permitted the unknown source files in your phone then this app will be installed in your phone, in case it is not then,
  • Open your “phone’s setting” then scroll down click on the “security” then you will find an option of “unknown sources” click on it. And allow your device to install apps from unknown sources by clicking on “ok” now you will be able to install that downloaded app.
  • Now go the location where you have that apk file of showbox downloaded from the browser. And tap on it to install it.
  • Now the installation, process is not hard, it is very convenient as after tapping on the app to install it you have to tap on “next” and then sit back and relax it will automatically get installed in your phone.
  • You don’t need to register your account and no formalities are required for this purpose.
  • Now, when you have this amazing app in your phone, then you don’t need to get bore anymore this app will take all your boredom by providing unbelievable source of entertainment.

You can now stream for unlimited videos that too free of cost and keep enjoying this free movies and videos services in high definition.

Features of ShowBox:


Pointed below are the features of ShowBox which has proved to make this app very popular.

  • This application is totally free i.e. it has no hidden charges unlike all the movie and video streaming application.
  • In this application you can stream any video of your choice.
  • It hosts users from all over the globe i.e. it is available for every country of the globe.
  • You can stream even older movies in this application.
  • This application updates daily and so you can have all the new movies with every new update.
  • This application lacks signing in or signing up process. So, you don’t have to sign in or sign up to run this app every time unlike other apps.
  • Movies in this app are available in varieties of resolution.
  • The best thing about this app is that it has all the HD quality videos.
  • You will also get information about all the new release and movies to be released in advance in this application.
  • This application also allows you to download movies for free without spending a single penny.
  • It has movies categorised so that it will become easy to you to find movies by it genre.
  • You can also use features such as stop, play, pause etc. when movie is streaming.

So enjoy every little features of this application which will improve your experience with movies manifolds. Don’t delay now, follow the steps to download its apk file version on your PC and enjoy watching movies on your very own smartphone without spending even a single penny.