Showbox for iPad, iPhone Download – Install Show Box App Free!

Showbox for iPad: We all want some entertainment at some particular point of time. Getting entertainment makes us happy which keeps us going on with our life. So entertainment is just as important as all the other things in our life.

You can entertain yourself by watching movies and your favorite shows on your television. Watching your favorite movies and TV show is amazing and you get a lot of entertainment from it. But television will not always show you your favorite movies and TV shows.

You end up going to theatre to watch movies. But what if you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your smartphones. That would be amazing right? You don’t even have to watch television anymore or spend money to watch movies at theatre.

Showbox for iPad, iPhone – Free Download

Today I will talk about an app which will give you a whole new experience of entertainment. This app has gain a lot of popularity. The name of the app is showbox.

When you are out and have nothing to do you can just pick up your smartphone and use showbox to get some entertainment. Watch anything as per your convenience. This app is very handy for entertainment seeker like us.

Now I will tell you about showbox and its important features. Also I will tell you how you can install Showbox on your iOS device.

Showbox for iPad Download

Showbox is a new and Fresh entry into the App market for watching Movies and Shows. Showbox is an Online Streaming Movies and Videos platform for iOS. It is one of the Best Entertaining App for you. The user of showbox App also regarded this app is one of the best online Movies watching experience app as it can plays Movies in HD for Free.

Yes, this App is absolutely free. You don’t have to spend money to get this app. Other Apps like Amazon movies and Netflix are also good for Watching And streaming Movies but you have to pay for extra subscription .

This App also has a Feature of Downloading Movies and Videos on your Smartphones. So you can always have your favorite stuffs on the Go.

Showbox will provide you with different varieties of movies to be watched. The app offers some official list of items you would want to watch and also which are highly rated. In that option, you can start finding the movies that you want or you can use search engine which is in the application. Not only you can watch your favorite movies but also you can stream any TV Shows in the app which makes showbox even better.

Once you installed showbox you don’t have to Go to theatre anymore to watch movies. It will save your time as well as Money. So showbox app is also very Convinient. You can watch your missed TV series, any episodes that you forgot to watch at anyplace at anytime.

You can Download from very Wide variety of media Contents from English to Hindi and some other languages also. Showbox has a feature of downloading mp3 audio also. Download your stuff without using any Torrent cuz Showboz is there for you.

This Free Android application is one of the most Popular app to get entertained,  Watch movies and listening music within your Smartphones. While The Android user and Show Box user says as deal app to watch movies and TV Shows on android gadget, showbox app has got all awesomeness inside it.

Features of Showbox

  1. Stream and Watch unlimited Movies and TV shows on your smartphone.
  2. Different categories of Movies available like Comedy, action, drama and horror etc.
  3. You can also download movies to watch it when you are offline.
  4. Great user experience of app.
  5. Movies and TV shows are available at High quality.
  6. Showbox is absolutely free of cost.

Now let’s guide you through the steps to download and install Showbox for iOS.

Follow the Steps to Download Showbox on Your iPhone/iPad Devices.

  1. Go to The iOS App Store
  2. Search for showbox in the Search Bar and press Enter.
  3. Look for the showbox App from the many Apps listed below.
  4. Go to the showbox App and Click on Download.
  5. After Downloading, you will see showbox on the Menu.
  6. Now you can open showbox which is now available on your iOS Device.
  7. Sign in to your email id or you can also verify through your Mobile number.

Showboxis not only available in iOS App Store, it is also available on some app downloading websites where you can download Cinemabox.ipa file.

Showbox works without any jailbreak device.

{Showbox works on all version of iOS}

Steps to Download Showbox without Jailbreak.

  1. First you need to sign out from iTunes & App store. You can Go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID and then Sign Out.
  2. Download showbox.ipa file from any ios app website.
  3. Install Showbox app on your ios device.
  4. Open the App
  5. Select can “cancel” when it will ask to sign in.
  6. Sign in to your iTunes Account again.

Note: You can log out and sign bavk into your account in iTunes and App store so that showbox will work properly. If Showbox is not working properly make sure you have Installed the latest version of the App.