Top 5 Showbox Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Show Box for Android

Showbox Alternatives: As all of us have come across this app in our life especially android users, this is basically a movie streaming application which also provide us TV Serials and cartoons with HD quality. Who doesn’t want to stream and download all of their favorite movies to have a collection of them to show off in front of our friends for absolutely free, yes, you heard it right for free. You can have thousands of movie collection for free. But not all of us have same taste, which is absolutely amazing for me could not be anything to you. So different people like different things or maybe just for experiencing every app people like to download very other app and use it. Also, lately there have been a lot of issues with this app and it is also removed from Google Play Store, so it has lost its stardom and hence people are looking for its alternatives which works just like it and have all the features which it has. So in this article I’ll tell you about 5 such applications which provide you all of your favorite movies.

Top 5 Showbox Alternatives for Android

Showbox Alternatives


This is one of the best alternative to ShowBox as it is a movie and video streaming application which is completely free with no extra hidden charges. This application has gained popularity in a very short period of time which is quiet amazing. You can stream nay movie or TV series or cartoons of your choice. You don’t have to pay for any of it. Also, you can stream the videos in HD quality which adds on to the account of its popularity.

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You can even download all of your favourite movies and TV shows and cartoons for free over your internet data and also these movies, you can download it in HD quality. You can download the movies in any language you prefer from English to Hindi. Also, this app comes with a MP3 audio feature in which you can download audio of best quality for free of any video. You may be surprised to know but this application has a separate section for kids in which only things allowed for kinds are present. On the homepage of this application you will find a list of trending and highly rated movies and popular TV series. You can download movie in any revolution you want from high to low. Also this application has a separate search engine from where you can search for all of your favourite movies, TV Series and cartoons. Also, you can download subtitles for any movie or video in any language you prefer. Well, this app is basically an android application which is not available in android as well as in iOS but to have this app you can download the apk file version of it.

2. PlayBox HD

This is also a very good substitute for ShowBox which is quite similar to CinemaBox. You can stream all of your favourite movies and videos and cartoons of various genre such as comedy, suspense, romantic, action, thriller, horror, Sci-Fi, fantasy etc. You can even watch all of the movies and TV series offline by downloading them on your very own device. All of the movies, TV series, cartoons are available in HD quality and also you can download the movies in HD quality too and not just this you can download movies in various resolutions ranging from high 1080p and 720p to very low resolutions. Also, you can download movies in various languages and also in various languages’ subtitles. The best thing about this application is that not only the movies are in HD quality but all of the TV Series and cartoons are also in HD quality.


It has a very impressive and a very simple user interface which further accounts for its popularity among the young generation. All the movies of this application is categorised into various genre because of which it will be easier to find a movie of your choice. Also, it provides us with lots of information regarding the releasing date of new movies in advance. You can search for movies separately through search engine. Sadly, this isn’t available in both android and iOS platforms but you can still download it by downloading its apk file version.

3. Mobdro

This is a app solely made for entertainment purpose which focuses more on videos of any kind such as documentaries, tutorials, music videos etc. also, you can find thousands of movies here which you can stream for free. As well as it searches the web continuously for better results. The premium version of it which costs you some money allows you an ad free application.

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Also, you can download the movies and watch it offline in premium version. The premium version also comes with the features such as Chrome Casting which will allow you to enjoy all of your favourite movies and TV series and cartoons for extremely free.

4. MovieBox

This is one of the best substitute for ShowBox as for iPad and iPhones it is equivalent to MovieBox. It has very unique features such as you can search a movie by its releasing year. You can also make a list of unwatched and watched videos so that you will get the ideas of how many and which movies you have watched.


You can aslo get all the details of upcoming videos and also get all the critiques on the movies. It can play movies in English, French, Turkish and German. Also, the description of all the movies are also provided.

5. Crackle

This application is giving a tough competition to its contemporary applications. Also, this application is available in Google Play store which further tells the reason of its so much popularity. You can stream all of you favorite movies, TV series and videos for free in HD quality, also you can download all the movie for free on your device in HD quality.


The best thing about this application is that it supports Chrome Casting which let you have experience of all your movies on bigger screens. Also, it has a very impressive and very simple user interface.

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